Are you the answer to prayer?

I didn't think cherries would be the answer to my prayer.

I didn’t think cherries would be the answer to my prayer.

I was feeling pretty empowered this morning with my new pruning saw. My loppers a week ago were just not enough to tackle a snowball bush that had gotten completely out of control. But the new saw was cutting through everything — until I got the thing stuck between entangled branches.

I need help, Lord! 

Almost immediately I heard a voice: “Workin’ hard?”

I turned around to see an elderly gentleman walking past my home with a grocery bag in his hands. “Yes!” I said. “Always!”

I had to smile. He wasn’t actually what I was picturing as help.

“Here,” he said, reaching into his bag, “I’ve got something for your hard work.” And he pulled out a handful of bing cherries.

My very favorite fruit — “better than candy,” I always said.

I smiled, put out my hands, and thanked him. “God bless you! Have a great day”

“I am,” he said. “I am!”

I set the cherries down on a bench on my porch and returned to my stuck saw. With new determination I pulled hard and the saw broke free. A minute later I had the shoot cut down.

Sometimes a simple act — even a handful of cherries — can be an answer to prayer. Sometimes WE are the answer to someone else’s prayer — maybe even that ride to church that another person needs or a word of encouragement or a helping hand.

There’s an expression going around: Love Does. I agree. Love is not just words — it is demonstrated.

Similarly, I wonder if this is also true: Prayer Does. I know that God says “Be still” sometimes, but what if we stepped out in faith anticipating the answer.

I am just believing that Prayer Does. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Are you the answer to prayer?

  1. Thank you, Jeanne! Such a compliment — from an English teacher pro!

  2. Your writing is always so simply-thought-provoking. Thank you🙂

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